Extra Long Hand-Type Impulse Sealer

Model: KF-600HI, KF-800HI, KF-1000HI 
˙To Seal PP, PE, PVC bags
˙For Stores, Shops, Malls, Houses, Wholesale, Distributors
˙Compact design
˙Light Weight
˙Easy to operate
˙Space saving
˙Impulse sealing with electronic control saves time and safe
Product Certification

Moed Source
Impulse Power
Seal Length
Seal Width
L*W*H (CM)
KF-600HI 100-240 800 600 2.5/5 83x13x33 11
KF-800HI 900 800 103x13x33 13
KF-1000HI 1050 1000 123x13x33 15