Foot-Type Direct Heat Sealer With Heat Printer

Model: KF-200DFP、KF-300DFP、KF-400DFP
˙For aluminum foil bags
˙Foot-Operation and Two Hand grip  extremely convective and effective
˙For Stores, Shops, Malls, Houses, Wholesale, Distributors
˙Need to warm up 10-15 minutes before use, constant temperature function
˙2 lines for imprinting
˙Ribbon Degree: 35M / M
Product Certification


Model Source
Impulse Power
Seal Length
Seal Width
L*W*H (CM)
KF-200DF 100-240 250 200 10/15 25x26x92 14
KF-300DF 350 300 35x26x92 15
KF-400DF 420 400 45x26x92 17